Disposable Ice Packs

  • Disposable Instant Ice Packs
  • Disposable Instant Ice Packs
  • Disposable Instant Ice Packs
Disposable Instant Ice PacksDisposable Instant Ice PacksDisposable Instant Ice Packs

Disposable Instant Ice Packs

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Product Description

Ice Pack
1. Easy to use during camping,travelling,emergency,etc,  
2. Flexiable after cooling and contact the skin largely 
3.  Sigle use and disposable avioding cross injection 
Appilcation range:
1. Minor scrpes and bruises,muscle aches and sprains, toothache, headache, calenture, stanch, oedema
2. Minor scald, burn
3. Emergency cases
4. The material can be recycled as the fertilizer after reaction
Place in cool dry place, no refrigeration.

Product Type:
Instant Ice Pack
Squeezing the inner pag as instruction printed on the pack,mix the material absolutly and apply the required area,can reach -4 within 2 seconds
Can bear 20kgs during storage, transportationg without broken.
The inner material before and after the reaction is environment-friendly without any side-effect
According to client's design
Usage Type:
20,000 pcs
Company Profile

We can produce hot pack and ice pack according to client’s design, we have exported products to US and Europe for many years, We can handle both reusable and disposable hand warmers, and also can make soft and hard ice packs. All products can print customer’s logo.

Our Advantages
10 years experience

We have professional producer experience over 10 years

Quality guarantee

Best quality control, and zero reject for all of our orders

OEM service

We can produce customer shaped products with client’s logo printing.

OEM Process
Packing & Delivery


Contact: Martin Agu

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Email: martin@suzhoumate.cn

Add: Room 102, Building 8th, Shao Shan Garden, No. 315,Industrial Park,Suzhou Avenue West, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.